It’s a funny name “bit of love” isn’t it? I mean, if you are familiary with binary numbers… and if you are not (sic) just pretend you get it and start laughing like everybody else, think about beatles song “all you need is love” and be happy.

Today we live in a world based on how much gigabytes do you have in your pocket and how fast I can access my facebook page on the trafic jam. With just a click I can find anything… like who was Theodore Kaczynski or what is a memristor for.

Information is the key? actually the RIGHT information is the key, and by that I mean what exactly do you want to know right on that moment. Looks nice and powerfull hugh? but the dichotomy rules. In the past when my father wanted to study about magnetic flux he had to lock himself in the library and read LOTS of books about it and totally freaks out when he got on the Maxwell Equations (ouch). I dare you today find out who was Mr Kaczynski without google, wikipedia and all his friends.

Try to use the ctrl + f when reading any book, it doesn’t work! I have already tried…

Some bloggers think that all this easy access to information are making us dumb, I have to agree at some points on that. I used to be that guy who reads five books at time, besides magazines and newspapres, but today with all the feeds I have daily I can barely read two books at the same time (the bed-book and the subway-book are the far I get). Today when you receive an email with more than 3 paragraphs you will probabily move it to the read-later folder, or “please go away and never come back” folder.

Information is powerfull, with more mobility gadgets getting broadband access (By November 2007, the total number of mobile phone subscriptions in the world had reached 3.3 billion, or half of the human population, although some users have multiple subscriptions, or inactive subscriptions) plus what the internet can offer today, lots of things are going to change. I mean, imagine start a normal conversation with your friends and having google on your pocket, or arguing with the taxi driver which GPS is showing the best way to the airport and even became 24/7 connected with your office using earphones to interact with everyone excepts the ones besides you, looks wierd? Just observes the people next time you get the subway.

The iJesus 3G arrived this year and a little problem almost became an iPocalypse.

Someone at Wikipedia defines love as “a range of human emotions and experiences related to the senses of affection and sexual attraction”. Great poets like Machado de Assis and Fernando Pessoa tryed to define love too, just like philosophers as Kant and Plato. So “bitoflove” it’s just another geek paradox, if nobody can define precisely love let’s try it using binary numbers.

or perhaps fuzzy logic…