The Consumer Protection Association (Pro Teste*) won in court and managed to stop the agreement reached between the government and the operators, in which the operators remained free from investing in the installation of Posts of Telecommunications Services (PSTs), but take on the commitment to build a national infrastructure to bring broadband access.

What does it mean? the justice decided to suspend the changes in the contracts of FSTS (Fixed Switched Telephone Service), requestes by Pro Teste, on the assumption that broadband would not be a network of STFC. On the Pro Teste point of view, the public telephone was illegally subsidizing a private service (MCS, Multimedia Communication Service), which would prevent the reduction of tariffs for fixed telephony.

I wrote about it, the implementation of the backhaul… remmember?

For those who don’t, backhaul it’s the network infrastructure needed to support the FSTS on broadband, connecting the access networks with the operators backbone. When the government received this updated proposal they added a line saying that the backhauls in the end would belong to the Union, but this item mysteriously disappear in the review of the final contract that was signed later.

So… the concessionaires would be exempt from returning the infrastructure for the government in the end of its concessions. Cool isn’t it?

*The focal point of Pro Teste it’s to end with the signing tax of basic fixed telephony, since the carriers say they charge for it because they need to recover the money spent on the universal service.