Since 2003 I have a nokia 6510, and I love it. Good batery life, easy menus, radio, a cool-alien green color and was a small gadget, I think in that time was the smallest cellphone in Brazil. It was a gift from a friend.

And for a time, it was nice.

In the beginning of 2008 I got a Sony-Ericsson k790i, my first cellphone with camera (3.2mp). Besides the awsome quality shots, I’m kind of a wannabe photographer person, this new phone have other cool funcions like RSS reader, syncronization (ie google calendar) and a bunch of others features that are common on mobiles today.

Common for non-old cellphone users.

The first thing I noticed on the SonyEricsson phone was the quality polyphonic ringtone, very different from my old fellow. So my first anybody idea was: ” hey man! why I don’t download my favorites mp3 songs and used it like my ringtone?” besides… I could listen those songs with the walkman feature and give my old ipod nano to my girlfriend

The first victim was “Question!” from System of a Down. Nice song, starts very smooth and then BANG! the agressive drums come in with heavy guitar bases.

The problem is, when you put a music to play as a ringtone, and of course you like that song, you don’t want to awnser the call, you just want to hear it ringing. And after a short time, and a few lost calls, you simply don’t like the song anymore! It happens the same thing with “no surprises” from Radiohead, “Yellow” from Coldplay, “I did it” from Dave Matthews Band and “Canned heat” from Jamiroquai.

It become nicer when you choose a song for that anoying person/client or as a alarm clock, trust me on that.

My guess, as you don’t know when people are gonna call you, the music can start anytime and anywhere, and sometimes you don’t want to hear it, even if you enjoy the song. Other point, you don’t listen ALL the song, just 10/20 seconds from it! that’s crazy. Imagine how Thom Yorke would feel if you tell him that you slice his work on 20 seconds and used as a ringtone, pretty sad, I hope he never knows that.

I love music, but I think that even your favorite songs you need a place and a time to enjoy it. And if you don’t do that, you end like me, hating Slipknot for waking me up everyday and missing your girlfriend calls because you enjoy the Coldplay songs.