Last monday the Recording Industry Association of America (RIAA) has quietly finished its tasks of suing anyone they want for allegedly steal music from the internet, reports the Wall Street Journal. The record industry are now figuring out new ways to discourage (control all the data traffic) online music piracy.

After issue 35.000 suits against individuals and winning none of them, they spended more money on legal fees than what they recovered in settlements. Of course, while RIAA was suing children and grampas the real piracy didn’t stop and the CD sales continued to fail.

So, I tought record labels learned their lesson and would start to propose innovative services over a new business model right? but no… they don’t want to grow up and are now focused on establishing agreements with the ISPs (internet service providers) so they can sue everyone again.

Meanwhile, we see cool innitiatives like the games Rock Band and Guitar Hero profiting on legal digital music distribution, the iTunes business model making Apple really happy and the number of independent record labels/artists being noticed growing, remmember Radiohead and the Rainbow album?

Why just the record industry persists on the same mistake? on the same jurassic-business model?  We discussed here earlier about harming a entire group because of a few bad apples, its simply doesn’t work.

The world moves foward with technology being its main tool, sadly some people fight against that.

What you think?