Cool article about how the newspapers should do business online without breaking. That’s actually a new and interesting topic to discuss, since the beginning of the finantial crisis some of the most read newspapers on US are desperate.

I think it’s interresting to see that even with online-add hitting much more people than the “old” paper print add (15 milion online to almost 5.4 milion on the print one) some sponsors prefers the paper version. They want the prestige of a printed page regardless the readership numbers. Why? because the lack of value ($$$) from users to the product.

who wants to be online if it’s free?

So the readers are going online to get their news, not just because it’s free, but because it’s better. On the other side, most of the sponsors (who are the main newspapers’ income source – or life tube support on these days) prefer the printed version, even with the number of subscribers dropping. Now you can see now what went wrong?

I love my RSS, each one of those 3k unread feeds I have, who doesn’t? I mean, quality and updated and (most important) FREE information from the most important sites in the world. Nowadays information works like a commodity, a really really cheap one, that everybody needs but a few have the courage to pay (and charge) for.

So, how you establish a price for a product when people are used to getting it for free? As a reader, how much are you willing to pay for this kind of service?