Guiness World Records and Warner released on the Apple Store an app called “Video Game Score” a new game app that let iPhone and iPod Touch users compete to become a real Guiness World Record holder.

The deadline is August 15, and who secures the most pontuation until that date will be crowned the iPhone gaming champion and shorlisted for inclusion in the “Guiness World Records 2010 Gamer’s Edition”.

In order to participate, consumers will need to buy the application ($4,99 ouch…) and create a GameSpy account so they can sync their performances. The game features some wierd challenges like create the largets bubblegum ball and a cockroach eating (ich!).

I find it an awsome idea, I like those new technological ways to promote products – in this case, the Guiness World Records book, that I’ve never bought it on my entire life! So, anyone can explain me why I’m thinking spend almost five bucks on that app so I can try to win this contest?

via mobile marketer.