On the last couple of days the Network Neutrality buffet has gained some new spices with a NYT article saying that according with some sources, Google and Verizon were in advance talks to seal a deal in which Google would agree to pay for having its content (presumably) pushed quickly to consumers throats.

As we expected both companies have already denied this rumor, but it became clear that they are talking about something – something big – and most publications right now are betting on Network Neutrality, especially before FCC dropped yesterday from proposing the so called “network neutrality rules” to the US Congress.

I’m obligated to believe on those speculations, Verizon and Google build a strong partnership after the Android phones overtaken the US market. What I’m not sure right now is what they are pretending to propose… you see, this is a polemic discussion which involves really big guys interests – like top media contents and operators, mostly companies who control the environment but doesn’t want to change the current business model. These guys are the ones like Murdoch who insanely accuse Google to profit over their contents.

Google has been a fierce network neutrality defensor using the name of “Open Internet”, but I’m afraid they are loosing the debate a little bit in favor of the old-dinosaur companies. This is for sure bad news for users and small content providers, because in my opinion this is a classic binary discussion: there isn’t a mid-term – for example, prioritize video streaming traffic (for a monthly fee) over normal video. If this happen I believe it will kill the hole network neutrality philosophy. The operators will continue under-investing on their networks, offering a crappy service for their users and charging more for real-quality speed (this make any sense?) plans.

Some of you may have read “Animal Farm” novel from George Orwell, in the book the animals concludes they were mistreated by the humans and decided to organize themselves and lead by the pigs revolt and assume command from Mr. Jones farm. Achieving their dream of freedom, the animals were really happy and to protect this environment the pigs proposed the Animalism –  a philosophy way to live with some commandments, one of them goes like “All animals are equal”. Later, after the pigs were corrupted by the power the commandments suffered some adaptations and end like the classical quote “All animals are equal, but some animals are more equal than others“.

I hope Google knows what they are doing… otherwise the “don’t do evil” will also suffer some adaptations.