Steve Jobs passed away last week and for some reason this is affecting me more than I could expect. I know it sounds stupid, the guy was fighting against an aggressive pancreatic Cancer and had been through a lot, but somehow during all this time I was always expecting him and his ideas on Apple’s events, as if his medical conditions could freeze for some hours until he can do his magic again for us.

Unfortunately, the magic has gone. Our Michelangelo has died and now we will need to connect the dots alone, build the future without our Hari Seldon.

A lot of things have been written already after his death, a bunch of inspiring and funny histories from people who had the opportunity to work with him – or heard from someone who had, always showing a stubbornness man who knows exactly what to do, how to do and with the perfect timing. I don’t aim to replicate any of those histories here, I just want to register my feelings in the cloud so I can come back in the future and remember all this.

Steve build – and rebuilt – one of the greatest software companies the world have ever seen. Of course the design was a very important part of Apple products, but the core was always the software. Apple products were able to successfully connect this brand new world we are living with an amazing tool called Internet, previously used only for the academical and military environments. Steve and his company build bridges for everyone, making technology accessible. No manuals, no debugging, no coding, just amazing products that just works.

Stay hungry, stay foolish.