A standart date for most of people right? but today with the geek being the new sexy (bazinga!) this is going to change thanks to the amazing #piday celebration. This is the third time I celebrate this date and since the beginning I’m doing my part on propagating this idea between my peers.

If you still didn’t get it the #piday is about the similarity between the date March, 14 – or 3/14 – and the irrational constant 3,1415… whose value is the ration of any circle circumference to its diameter. Anyway… I was lucky enough to have a wonderful girlfriend who understands my geek behaviors and not just that, but also supports my crazy ideas. So today for the first time we did a Pi Cake!

Pi Cake

Look at how cute it is - You know that write using coconut flakes will be something that I'll never forget.

Unfortunate none of my friends couldn’t show up – actually I’m still trying to explain to them why we did a cake with a PI simbol on it – but next year I hope this will be different. I also learned that today it’s Albert Einstein birthday, great han? next time I’ll probably celebrate with two cakes – or 3 cakes and 1415 candys… don’t know yet.

To learn more abou Pi visit the piday.org and be prepared for March, 14 of 2015.